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April 1, 2012
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Soulcalibur IV - Ivy Valentine (alternative) by Sterrennacht Soulcalibur IV - Ivy Valentine (alternative) by Sterrennacht
Ivy Valentine (alternative) - Soulcalibur IV - [link]

!!All rights belong to Namco Bandai and Project Soul!!


Model extracted by Nobby from Xentax forums.
Thanks to mariokart64n for the 3dsMax .mesh.ascii exporter script and instructions!

Even though I don't own any part of this model, I worked quite hard on it to make her look as good as possible in XNALara.
Please credit me when you use it or mod it, it's something very small to ask. It will also let other people know where to find it.
More importantly, credit the creators of the model of course (Project Soul/Namco).

I don't appreciate any re-releases of this exact model (for XNALara), if you find a bug or something just let me know and I might fix it (if Iīm not lazy :p).
Modding (textures and/or mesh) is allowed of course. ;-)

If you want to convert her for another application (GMod for example), donīt forget to credit everyone mentioned in this readme.

- enable BACKFACE CULLING and ALWAYS FORCE CULLING in XNALara for the best result (donīt complain to me about ībugsī, I told you, use backface culling!!)
- options -> display accessories -> handgun hand right/left to display 'Valentine' in the sword or whip state
- always use the most recent version of XNALara
- keep poses and images tasteful please (i.e. no porn)

Enjoy it. :)

Love2Raid (tombraiderforums) aka Sterrennacht (deviantArt)
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emofurry69 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey just wondering, could you do Ivy from Soul Calibur 5? the only model I found of her was weird looking and the colors were high contrast (They were really brilliant and neon) Please? :(
How exactly do you go about obtaining models and then editing them? I ask because I want to craft and display my original characters but lack a bit of knowledge on how to go about it. 

I've written and edited photos from the soul series, however I'd like to take what I'm capable of doing and going to the next level with my works.
I like Ivy so much, and this model is great!
Normally I don't like Ivy Valentine's outfits. But this one suits her.
amazing model - where can i get sword XD?
This is so perfect for cosplayers to use as reference! Is there a back shot, by chance?
ArmoredAnubis Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will put her in a party with a glass of wine. =D
is there anyway to download the sword?
The sword is included in the file, use the handgun option in XNALara to display it. The original sword was in pieces, but I have arranged them into a whip and also merged them into a sword (to make it easier for you people), they are both included.
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